Mapping the Human Brain with High Spatiotemporal Resolution - Webinar Archive

Dr. Shadi Dayeh, University of California, San Diego
February 4, 2021

Electrophysiological recordings are the gold standard for interrogating the nervous system for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Such recordings with microelectrode arrays enable broadband and high spatiotemporal resolution but are conventionally limited to a small cortical coverage. However, large cortical coverage together with the high spatiotemporal resolution are needed to advance our understanding of diseased and normal brain function to be able to develop effective therapies. This talk covers the development and clinical translation of UCSD’s multi-thousand channel platinum nanorod microelectrode arrays to map the human brain. Dr. Dayeh discusses considerations in the electrode-tissue interface for recording and stimulation, and demonstrates mapping of functional units across species including humans. Examples of large-scale microelectrode mapping of motor, language, and epileptogenic discharges from the human brain are presented along with a perspective on future directions.

To view Dr. Dayeh’s webinar, please click on the link below:
Mapping the Human Brain with High Spatiotemporal Resolution