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Changing chemical synthesis with catalysis


John Hartwig

Henry Rapoport Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley

January 27, 2022 (4pm - 5pm MST)
NAU Science and Health Building room 106 or via Zoom
From Prozac to perfume, sustainable plastics to solar energy, catalysis enables our current standard of living and controls our potential to progress sustainably.  The reduced emissions of modern cars, the abundance of fresh food at our stores, the beginnings of green energy, and the new pharmaceuticals we use to treat disease are made possible by chemical reactions controlled by catalysts.

Research in Professor Hartwig's gropup has sought to design catalysts that can introduce and manipulate functional groups in both small and large organic molecules.  These reactions encompass novel coupling processes to facilitate the synthesis of medicinally important molecules, reactions that enable the introduction of fluorine and new fluoroalkyl substituents, and reactions that enable the introduction of functional groups into positions of molecules inaccessible by classical organic reactions.  This lecture will introduce the importance of catalysis overall, some major challenges in the field, and ways that our group is seeking to address these challenges. E xamples of important catalysts used today, and examples of strategies to discover and develop new classes of catalysts for future applications will be presented.


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