¡MIRA! Colloquium Series



Beyond CMOS: Novel Materials, Emerging Memory and Applications

Ying-Chen "Daphne" Chen, Ph.D.

Northern Arizona University

November 17, 2022 (4pm - 5pm MST)


Towards the end of the Moore’s law scaling approaching, there is a need for new semiconductor device technologies and microelectronics that break the limits of computing performance at the nanoscale while enabling better energy efficiency. We also need to consider a new approach with the new materials and new devices for exploring new paradigms of computing. Among the emerging technologies, emerging memory becomes the candidates for enabling the highly efficient computing while with nonvolatile effect for storage and computational applications. This research group aims to introduce the current develop of novel materials and emerging electronics, such as the selectorless memristor in high storage memory integration, neuromorphic computing systems, novel manufacture, reprogrammable one-time memory and non-continuous-structured materials for next-generation memory device and computational applications.


Attend in person at the: Science and Health Building room 211, NAU.

Alternatively, attend remotely using the following link/information:


Meeting ID: 868 9925 6065

Password: Planck


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