¡MIRA! Colloquium Series



Career Pathways for Physics Degree Holders

Charlotte Evans

Sandia National Laboratories Career Mentoring Fellow

September 14, 2023 (3pm - 4pm MST)


An education in physics offers a lot of pathways to success – from industry, to government positions, to academic professorships. Over the last few decades, the American Physical Society has collected statistical data about the career trajectories of students at every level of physics education. We will discuss this data in detail and give insight that while most physics PhDs end up NOT being academic professors, the vast majority of them still do research in their careers – and are happy, especially compared to the general population. Current PhD students should see this as a great opportunity to explore the options available post-graduation, while undergraduates can weigh the potential benefits of attending grad school in the future. The data and slides presented in this talk are provided by the American Physical Society Career Mentoring Fellowship Program.


Attend in person at the: Science and Health Building (36) Room 105, NAU.

Alternatively, attend remotely using the following link/information:


Meeting ID: 810 4724 4734

Password: physics


For more information, please email APMS