Month: July 2018


By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director   Activity in the NCI-SW laboratories is heating up for the summer, just like the temperature outside in the Arizona desert. We have four student visitors from Central Arizona College taking part in our 9-week Research Experiences for Undergraduate program.   Participants work in pairs, guided by experienced graduate student […]

Why Do Research?

Members of the Research Experience for Teachers (RET), Laurita Moore and Daniel Holder, know the answer to that question. Both recently participated in the Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure Southwest (NCI-SW) program at ASU.   Laurita Moore and Dan Holder, are both faculty members with Maricopa Community Colleges District; Laurita teaches in the Computer Information Systems department, […]

Protein Engineered Nanomaterials

Original webinar cast on March 23, 2018   Recap from the moderator Michael Lesiecki, Ph.D.   One of the themes of the March 2018 webinar, presented by NYU researchers Dr. Jin Kim Montclare, Dr. Priya Katyal and Lindsay K. Hill MD/PhD candidate, was to construct “smart” protein nanomaterials.   The applications in medicine range from […]

Solar Needs to be Sustainable Too!

By Anthony Aguilar, ASU Solar Power Lab, PhD Candidate in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering   Research into copper electroplating is fully under way at ASU due to the dramatic implications in terms of sustainability in the solar cell industry. Implementation of copper into a solar cell processing line would create a […]