Eyring Materials Center


Bateman Physical Sciences A-213
901 S. Palm Walk
Tempe, Arizona 85287




Diana Convey
(480) 965-9614

Becky Beach
(480) 965-4545


ASU’s Eyring Materials Center (formally LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science or LE-CSSS) offers advanced capabilities for materials characterization, high resolution imaging and defect analysis. LE-CSSS provides users with Open Access to a broad range of characterization techniques, including optical analysis; surface chemistry, microscopy and morphology; x-ray structural analysis; and elemental and molecular composition. In addition, LE-CSSS has world-class capabilities in high resolution electron microscopy, including three aberration corrected electron microscopes for TEM / STEM and ETEM; environmental SEM; focused ion beam; and electron microprobe. Our facilities are located in three buildings on ASU’s Tempe campus and are supported by a dedicated staff with a commitment to consultative client engagement and to user training. The Center’s instruments are available to the entire ASU research community, and to academic, government and industrial users across the country.

Available Resources

In addition to providing open access to state-of-the-art characterization and nano-imaging capabilities, the Eyring Materials Center has a 42-year legacy of training users on sophisticated equipment, so they can perform graduate-level research independently. LE-CSSS also conducts educational outreach activities to local schools. ASU Science is Fun delivers STEM-based experiences to classrooms across Greater Phoenix and also hosts tours of our laboratories. As part of the NCI-SW, the Eyring Materials Center facilities are available to support research experience programs for undergraduates and faculty at local high schools and community colleges. To find out more about how the Eyring Materials Center can support your R&D and educational needs, please contact Diana Convey or Becky Beach.