Education & Outreach

Education and community outreach is at the heart of our mission. Find out more about our research experiences, webinars, outreach, and remote access opportunities below.

Research Experiences

For 2024, our summer undergraduate research program will begin on June 3, 2024 and our teacher professional development will be July 15-19, 2024. Information and application forms can be accessed via the two links below:

Past NCI-Southwest RET and REU programs:

Remote Access

We are pleased to partner with the national RAIN Network to offer you free remote access to nanotechnology instruments from the ASU NanoFab.

Bring the technology from our lab into your classroom. You can remotely control a scanning electron microscope to look inside the nano world!

Webinar Series

2023 ¡MIRA! Webinars 

2021 ¡MIRA! Webinars 

2018-20 Webinars


We conduct outreach programs with K-12 schools and the general public year-round.