¡MIRA! Colloquium Series



Interfacial Reactions in Materials using Advanced Microscopy

Dr. Katherine Jungjohann (NREL)

February 22, 2024 (3pm - 4pm MST)


An interfacial understanding is needed in many material science challenges, where we have used advanced microscopy techniques for corrosion, Li-metal batteries, and degraded solar modules. The electrode-electrolyte interface is challenging to probe, but new methods and tools are enhancing our understanding of these interfaces. Liquids pose a significant challenge for high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) due to the high vacuum environment required for optimal imaging conditions. Two strategies will be covered in this seminar, operando liquid-phase STEM and cryogenic STEM, for characterizing nanoscale detail from these solid-liquid interfaces. Our objective understanding of these nanoscale mechanisms can be greatly improved by combining the high-resolution detail with micro-to-millimeter scale compositional and structural mapping with cryogenic focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy. This seminar will cover the use of these advanced microscopy methods for low-carbon steel corrosion that identifies a possible mechanism for pit formation, morphology of electrodeposited lithium metal in aprotic solvents, and encapsulant reactions at a silicon solar cell surface from water and sodium migration. The tools, methods, and results of these studies will be detailed in this presentation.


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