Science Foundation Arizona


Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) recently hosted a fun and interactive morning for NCI-SW partners, ASU, and Rio Salado Community College who were joined by teachers from the Laveen and Chandler school districts. The focus of the morning was an Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanomaterials facilitated by Deb Newberry, Nano-Link. The curriculum and activities demonstrated over the course of the morning were designed to enable easy integration into a classroom setting.


Nano-Link, with funding from the National Science Foundation, has created a large body of in-classroom lesson plans and associated hands-on activities available for free to teachers through their website.


Nano-Link’s on-line content and their capacity to host Nanoscience-themed workshops around the country on request complements the work of NCI-SW as we build stronger connections with schools and community colleges and work to improve the quality and relevance of STEM teaching.


For more information contact Dr. Mary O’Reilly, SFAz,