Congratulations Carrie Sinclair, Recipient of the NNCI: User Support Award

Carrie Sinclair & Trevor Thornton outside the Molecular Nano Engineering and & Sciences building, at the University of Washington, where the award was presented.


The “Outstanding NNCI Staff Member” award is intended to acknowledge the significant efforts by NNCI site staff who endeavor to provide excellent service and support to all network users. In May 2018, nominations were solicited from site directors and reviewed by the NNCI External Advisory Board. Winners were selected in three categories: Technical Staff, Education and Outreach, and User Support.


NCI-SW’s own Carrie Sinclair was chosen as the winner in the User Support Category. Carrie has 28 years of experience working in both industry and at ASU as an engineering associate and supporting users of the facilities.


On a day-to-day basis Carrie acts as a “peer educator” to students, faculty, and industry users of the NCI-SW facility. She conducts rigorous two-day safety courses and guides users through the cleanroom protocol. One of the many ways Carrie assists visitors is to show them how to “gown-up.” In addition to safety she also trains users in all aspects of photolithography as well.

Carrie helps prepare students for the cleanroom


When asked, in a recent interview, are there problems in user support? Carrie says “not really, but it is important to focus on communication. Not all users have English as a first language. Helping users get timely access, knowledge of the processes and equipment, and helping them understand what they are trying to do or build is the key.”


Carrie believes that one of the unique parts of her job is seeing a green but eager student come into the facility and gain the knowledge and experience that causes the “light to go on.” They suddenly understand how things work and integrate together. “Their world opens,” says Carrie and seeing that is the best part for her.