Restoring Your Health

The January 2019 NCI-SW webinar, Neural interfaces: nanoscience and materials technology, featured the potential applications of Silicon Carbide technology. Possibilities of what this technology could do to restore your health were explored. The applications of precise and intelligent modulation of nerve organ circuits to provide new treatments for restoring physical and mental health is very exciting.

Consider, implanted electrodes made of silicon carbide, SiC. Why this material? Semiconductors can serve as complex electronics, act as diagnostic tools, and can be micromachined to deliver drugs. SiC nanowires can make great biosensors. The material is strong and flexible, think thinner probes for less trauma. See below, an image of an osseointegrated neural interface in use.

Thanks to Dr. Steven Saddow from the University of South Florida for his SiC nanobiotechnology presentation. To learn more about this topic, please take a moment to review the webinar recording here: