Month: April 2021

New Imaging Techniques to Explore Energy and Charge Carrier Transport in Nanoparticles and Nanoclusters

Dr. Alan Van Orden, Colorado State University March 25, 2021 This presentation discusses new super-resolved imaging techniques to probe the dynamics of energy and charge carrier transport in nanoparticle and nanocluster higher-order structures. We have reported spatio-temporal imaging with nanometer scale spatial resolution and sub-nanosecond time resolution to image the dynamics of energy transfer within […]

Hot Carrier Solar Cells and Non-Equilibrium Phonons

Dr. David Ferry, Arizona State University March 4, 2021 Hot carrier solar cells were predicted to surpass the Shockley-Queisser efficiency limit almost four decades ago. To achieve this required drastically reducing the energy loss to the optical phonons in electron and hole relaxation and extracting the hot carriers directly from the device. Unfortunately, these proposed […]

Understanding and Addressing the Impostor Syndrome in the Field of STEM

Dr. GiShawn Mance, Howard University March 11, 2021 Do you doubt your accomplishments or feel like a fraud? Are there times you think to yourself that you do not belong in STEM? Many students in the field of STEM experience anxiety surrounding their readiness and ability to successfully navigate their course of study. The academic/professional […]

All-Epitaxial Mid-IR Plasmonic Optoelectronics

Dr. Dan Wasserman, University of Texas Austin February 25, 2021 The mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral range (loosely defined as the wavelengths between 3-30µm) has become a burgeoning and dynamic field of research for a variety of technologically vital applications. Nonetheless, the development of the mid-IR optical infrastructure still trails behind that of the shorter, more mature, […]

Interfacing Biomarkers and Materials Science

Dr. Loreen Stromberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory February 11, 2021 Materials play a critical role in the development of surfaces for detection of biological components. In order to achieve the requisite sensitivity and specificity in a target matrix, the interface between surfaces and biomarkers needs to strike a balance with the appropriate degree of biomimicry, […]

Chemical and Enzymatic Strategies for Complex Molecule Synthesis

Dr. Kyle Biegasiewicz, Arizona State University March 18, 2021 The chemical synthesis of structurally and stereochemically complex molecules is a focal point of the pharmaceutical, agriculture and materials industries. In an effort to optimize the desired parameters affiliated with their synthesis (step, atom, redox economies) we rely heavily upon the discovery of catalysts that can […]

Mapping the Human Brain with High Spatiotemporal Resolution

Dr. Shadi Dayeh, University of California, San Diego February 4, 2021 Electrophysiological recordings are the gold standard for interrogating the nervous system for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Such recordings with microelectrode arrays enable broadband and high spatiotemporal resolution but are conventionally limited to a small cortical coverage. However, large cortical coverage together with the high […]

NSF Rapid Funding to Engineer a Response for Covid-19 Protective Equipment

By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director   Miguel José Yacamán, a faculty member in the ¡MIRA! Center at NAU and a principal investigator for the NCI-SW renewal has been awarded a grant from the NSF’s Rapid Response Research (RAPID) funding program to develop a physics-based technology for COVID-19 testing. The new project, called “Development of a […]

NCI-SW and ASU’s Open Door 2021

By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director   The ASU Open Door held each Spring is the largest public outreach event hosted by the University with tens of thousands of people flooding the Tempe campus each year under normal conditions. Of course, with the pandemic still affecting our lives, this year was very much out of the […]

¡MIRA! Colloquia Series

By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director As part of the NCI-SW renewal and our partnership with the ¡MIRA! Center at NAU we are hosting a series of free colloquium presentations that are held ‘live’ via Zoom each Thursday, and then archived on our YouTube channel for later viewing. While the broad focus of the colloquia is […]