¡MIRA! Colloquia Series

To access an abstract for a prior ¡MIRA! Colloquium presentation and watch it on YouTube, please click on a title below:


New Imaging Techniques to Explore Energy and Charge Carrier Transport in Nanoparticles and Nanoclusters
Dr. Alan Van Orden, Colorado State University(March 25, 2021)


Chemical and Enzymatic Strategies for Complex Molecule Synthesis
Dr. Kyle Biegasiewicz, Arizona State University(March 18, 2021)


Understanding and Addressing the Impostor Syndrome in the Field of STEM
Dr. GiShawn Mance, Howard University(March 11, 2021)


Hot Carrier Solar Cells and Non-Equilibrium Phonons
Dr. David Ferry, Arizona State University(March 4, 2021)


All-Epitaxial Mid-IR Plasmonic Optoelectronics
Dr. Dan Wasserman, University of Texas Austin(February 25, 2021)


Interfacing Biomarkers and Materials Science: Applications for Detection and Therapeutics
Dr. Loreen Stromberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory(February 11, 2021)


Mapping the Human Brain with High Spatiotemporal Resolution
Dr. Shadi Dayeh, University of California, San Diego(February 4, 2021)