Spring 2021 Newsletter




With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) the NCI-SW has been renewed for a further 5 years with a number of exciting new changes.  Read More….


Open Door Spring 2021

The ASU Open Door held each Spring is the largest public outreach event hosted by the University with tens of thousands of people flooding the Tempe campus each year under normal conditions.  Read More….


¡MIRA! Colloquia Series

As part of the NCI-SW renewal and our partnership with the ¡MIRA! Center at NAU we are hosting a series of free colloquium presentations that are held ‘live’ via Zoom each Thursday, and then archived on our YouTube channel for later viewing.  Read More….


NSF Rapid Funding to Engineer a Response for Covid-19 Protective Equipment

Miguel José Yacamán, a faculty member in the ¡MIRA! Center at NAU and a principal investigator for the NCI-SW renewal has been awarded a grant from the NSF’s Rapid Response Research (RAPID) funding program to develop a physics-based technology for COVID-19 testing.  Read More….