Spring 2022 Newsletter




As we learn to live with COVID-19, and with many of the pandemic restrictions now being lifted, the core facilities under the NCI-SW umbrella are now operating at pre-pandemic levels. Users are back on the ASU and NAU campuses making new scientific discoveries with technological applications that address some of the key challenges of our time.   Read More….


Diamond – The New ‘Wonder Material’ for Extreme Environment Electronics

Most commercial electronics these days is manufactured from semiconductors such as silicon and gallium arsenide. While Si and GaAs were the original ‘wonder materials’ that allowed the enormous progress microelectronics epitomized by Moore’s law they have certain limitations that prevent them from being used in extreme environments. Read More….


The ASU Compact X-Ray Free Electron Laser (CXFEL)

In a building purpose built for its installation, a compact free electron x-ray laser, or CXFEL for short, is being assembled by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. The CXFEL is the first of its kind, and when fully operational the team expects it will lead to breakthroughs in fields as diverse as molecular biology, medical imaging, exploration geology, material science, astrophysics, renewable energy, quantum computing and even art history. Read More….