Category: Summer 2020 Newsletter


During these challenging times, users of the NCI-SW laboratories have been developing solutions for a number of issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. As described in this newsletter, Dr. Paul Westerhoff, faculty director of the LCnano research center, is part of a team that received funding from the National Science Foundation to study how nanoparticles […]

Nanocellulose – Who Would Have Thought of All the Applications?

The April 2020, NCI-SW webinar, Nanoengineering Cellulose for Environmental & Biomedical Applications captured the attention of many of our colleagues, as it made reference to “hairy” nanocellulose. Presenter Amir Sheikhi, Professor at Penn State University, described how these micro- and nanoengineered soft materials have many biological applications, and yes it is cellulose, the material that […]

Light from Nanoparticles

The featured May 2020 NCI-SW webinar, Luminescent Nanoparticles of Metal Oxides, shared exciting information about nanomaterials that emit light. Specifically, how you could synthesize certain nanomaterials to emit light, and “tune” these materials to provide the color (wavelengths) that you wanted. Yuanbing Mao, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, reminded us […]

NCI-SW and ASU’s Open Door 2020

By Ray Tsui, NCI-SW Education & Outreach Coordinator.  Arizona State University hosts an annual spring Open Door event inviting the public to come and learn about the wide range of research and capabilities at the school. The event for the Tempe campus took place on February 22nd, where NCI-SW put on an exhibit called “Look […]

Engineering a Response for COVID-19 Protective Equipment

Professor Paul Westerhoff’s LCnano laboratory, at Arizona State University, is one of six collaborative research partners of NCI-SW. Their skill is largely nanoengineering but when the COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic was declared, one of the most immediate problems recognized was the urgent need for medical equipment, in particular, personal protective equipment (PPE.) Could it be reused, […]