Category: Spring 2019 Newsletter

Trevor’s Welcome

Spring 2019 has been especially busy and productive for the NCI-SW. External users of our core facilities has grown to 154 people during the six months through March 2019, a more than 25% increase over the same time period last year. The external users come from 85 institutions across academia, large industry, small-business, government, and […]

Going Small is Big News

“What we’re trying to do at Arizona State University is shrink this X-ray free-electron laser from something that’s typically about a mile long or a couple kilometers long, into something that’s just a few meters long…and doing that with kind-of cutting-edge accelerator and laser technologies.” Dr. William Graves, Associate Professor, ASU, Biodesign Institute, Physics Department, […]

Building Nanotechnology and STEM Programs

A current universal challenge for all of us is – how do we build enrollments in our nanotechnology programs? Professor Rick Vaughn, Rio Salado College, an NCI -Southwest (NCI-SW) partner, addressed this question directly in the February 2019 NCI-SW webinar. Rio Salado College, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona is one of the premier online learning colleges […]

Developing Imaging Systems In The Terahertz Regime

Panagiotis Theofanopoulos, PhD Student, Electrical, Energy, and Computer Engineering, Ira Fulton Schools of Engineering In the terahertz regime, wavelengths range from millimeters to submillimeters and the frequencies from 30 GHz up to 10 THz (see the frequency diagram below.) We will refer to them as mmW/THz waves. Source: Specifically, all waves are identified by […]

Restoring Your Health

The January 2019 NCI-SW webinar, Neural interfaces: nanoscience and materials technology, featured the potential applications of Silicon Carbide technology. Possibilities of what this technology could do to restore your health were explored. The applications of precise and intelligent modulation of nerve organ circuits to provide new treatments for restoring physical and mental health is very […]