Month: March 2018

What’s New: NCI-SW Update

By Trevor Thornton, Ph.D.   As we enter the third year of the NCI-SW we continue to see increased growth in the use of our laboratories with over 800 people logging nearly 24,000 hours during Year 2. This represents an increase of more than 14% compared to Year 1, confirming the need for access to […]

It Might be Cold Out There

By Mike Lesiecki, Ph.D.   Until recently, the first step in the process of microscopy was to prepare the sample. For many electron microscopes you have to coat the samples with metal. This occurs in a vacuum and any water in, for example a biological tissue, is lost. But cell biology happens in water! This […]

Look Inside the Nano World

By Ray Tsui, Ph.D.   ASU, Tempe campus, held its 2018 open house on Feb. 24th. This annual signature event, now renamed ASU Open Door, invites the general public to visit and learn about the wide-ranging work and capabilities of the university. NCI:SW participated in this well attended event by hosting the exciting activity called […]

Carbon Nanoparticles, the Future of Agriculture?

By Madelyn Pandorf, Graduate Student, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment   Crop production, an essential part of our daily lives, has become increasingly dependent on chemical fertilizers to meet the food demands of our growing population. The increase in fertilizer use has led to environmental issues such as eutrophication, depletion of non-renewable […]