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Light from Nanoparticles

The featured May 2020 NCI-SW webinar, Luminescent Nanoparticles of Metal Oxides, shared exciting information about nanomaterials that emit light. Specifically, how you could synthesize certain nanomaterials to emit light, and “tune” these materials to provide the color (wavelengths) that you wanted. Yuanbing Mao, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, reminded us […]

NCI-SW and ASU’s Open Door 2020

By Ray Tsui, NCI-SW Education & Outreach Coordinator.  Arizona State University hosts an annual spring Open Door event inviting the public to come and learn about the wide range of research and capabilities at the school. The event for the Tempe campus took place on February 22nd, where NCI-SW put on an exhibit called “Look […]

Engineering a Response for COVID-19 Protective Equipment

Professor Paul Westerhoff’s LCnano laboratory, at Arizona State University, is one of six collaborative research partners of NCI-SW. Their skill is largely nanoengineering but when the COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic was declared, one of the most immediate problems recognized was the urgent need for medical equipment, in particular, personal protective equipment (PPE.) Could it be reused, […]


By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director The fall semester is in the final stages and we wanted to share with you some of the interesting and exciting events and research happening with NCI-SW. The NNCI Annual Conference was held at the Harvard University campus on October 23 – 25, coinciding with a glorious spell of east […]

If it is Summer, it is time for Research

NCI-SW continued its summer tradition of offering undergraduate students the opportunity to perform research at ASU. Two students, Samantha Faltermeier and Amanda Morrison, were selected for the 2019 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Both are from Phoenix College, one of the 10 schools within the Maricopa Community Colleges system. Both students had the opportunity […]

ASU Featured Nano Research: Laser-activated Nanosealants (LANS)

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering featured ASU researcher Kaushal Rege, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering in the following article: Dr. Rege’s comments on this work clarify some of the ground breaking advances their research results provide. Rege said that “Our results demonstrated that our combination of tissue-integrating nanomaterials, along with the […]


Integrated Nanophotonics was the subject of the Oct. 17, 2019 NCI-SW webinar. Consider, the combination of those two words, nano and photonics, with the goal of moving signals around with light, as we would do with electricity. The key technology device is called a PIC, Photonics Integrated Circuit. View the recording here. The use of […]

Multi-Responsive Nanogels for Biosensing, Drug Delivery, and Regenerative Medicine

We hope you will join us for the upcoming Feb. 20, 2020 webinar when we will feature Dr. John Clegg, from Harvard University, who will discuss synthetic strategies for generating nanoscale hydrogels that recognize and respond to multiple biological stimuli. These multi-responsive nanomaterials are useful for (i) actuating biological signals, (ii) targeting drug delivery, and […]

Trevor’s Welcome

Spring 2019 has been especially busy and productive for the NCI-SW. External users of our core facilities has grown to 154 people during the six months through March 2019, a more than 25% increase over the same time period last year. The external users come from 85 institutions across academia, large industry, small-business, government, and […]

Going Small is Big News

“What we’re trying to do at Arizona State University is shrink this X-ray free-electron laser from something that’s typically about a mile long or a couple kilometers long, into something that’s just a few meters long…and doing that with kind-of cutting-edge accelerator and laser technologies.” Dr. William Graves, Associate Professor, ASU, Biodesign Institute, Physics Department, […]