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Mapping the Human Brain with High Spatiotemporal Resolution

Dr. Shadi Dayeh, University of California, San Diego February 4, 2021 Electrophysiological recordings are the gold standard for interrogating the nervous system for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Such recordings with microelectrode arrays enable broadband and high spatiotemporal resolution but are conventionally limited to a small cortical coverage. However, large cortical coverage together with the high […]

NSF Rapid Funding to Engineer a Response for Covid-19 Protective Equipment

By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director   Miguel José Yacamán, a faculty member in the ¡MIRA! Center at NAU and a principal investigator for the NCI-SW renewal has been awarded a grant from the NSF’s Rapid Response Research (RAPID) funding program to develop a physics-based technology for COVID-19 testing. The new project, called “Development of a […]

NCI-SW and ASU’s Open Door 2021

By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director   The ASU Open Door held each Spring is the largest public outreach event hosted by the University with tens of thousands of people flooding the Tempe campus each year under normal conditions. Of course, with the pandemic still affecting our lives, this year was very much out of the […]

¡MIRA! Colloquia Series

By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director As part of the NCI-SW renewal and our partnership with the ¡MIRA! Center at NAU we are hosting a series of free colloquium presentations that are held ‘live’ via Zoom each Thursday, and then archived on our YouTube channel for later viewing. While the broad focus of the colloquia is […]


By Trevor Thornton, NCI-SW Director   With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the NCI-SW has been renewed for a further 5 years with a number of exciting new changes. Chief amongst these is our collaboration with the Center for Materials Interfaces in Research and Applications, or ¡MIRA! at Northern Arizona University (NAU). This […]

¡MIRA! Colloquia Series

To access an abstract for a prior ¡MIRA! Colloquium presentation and watch it on YouTube, please click on a title below:   New Imaging Techniques to Explore Energy and Charge Carrier Transport in Nanoparticles and Nanoclusters Dr. Alan Van Orden, Colorado State University(March 25, 2021)   Chemical and Enzymatic Strategies for Complex Molecule Synthesis Dr. […]

¡MIRA! Colloquium Series

¡MIRA! Colloquiua Series The Center for Materials Interfaces in Research and Applications (¡MIRA!) and NCI-SW is pleased to present a series of free Colloquium presentations via Zoom on Thursdays, 4pm – 5pm (MST).  For more information, please email Judene Mclane.  An archive of previous presentations is available here.   On April 15, 2021, Bertrand Cambou […]


During these challenging times, users of the NCI-SW laboratories have been developing solutions for a number of issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. As described in this newsletter, Dr. Paul Westerhoff, faculty director of the LCnano research center, is part of a team that received funding from the National Science Foundation to study how nanoparticles […]

Nanocellulose – Who Would Have Thought of All the Applications?

The April 2020, NCI-SW webinar, Nanoengineering Cellulose for Environmental & Biomedical Applications captured the attention of many of our colleagues, as it made reference to “hairy” nanocellulose. Presenter Amir Sheikhi, Professor at Penn State University, described how these micro- and nanoengineered soft materials have many biological applications, and yes it is cellulose, the material that […]